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In Uganda, you have the extraordinary opportunity to embark on a truly unforgettable adventure: trekking to encounter gorillas in their vanishing natural habitat. Spending even just an hour in the presence of these majestic creatures leaves an indelible mark of humility and wonder. Yet, Uganda offers more than just this remarkable experience. With a total of 10 National Parks, each with its own unique allure, the country beckons you to explore its diverse landscapes and wildlife.

Among the four countries where gorilla trekking is available, Uganda and the Congo stand out as our top picks. While both offer distinct experiences, the Congo follows a fixed weekly itinerary due to limited infrastructure, which you can view here. In contrast, Uganda boasts a longer-standing presence on the tourist map, providing a wider array of options for customization. What sets Uganda apart is its richness in diversity. Beyond the thrilling gorilla treks, the country invites exploration by road or air, allowing you to immerse yourself in Africa’s varied landscapes and cultures. Whether you opt for a ground safari or hop between vastly different destinations by air, Uganda promises an adventure unlike any other.