Ajuna Tours and Travel



1. Purpose
The purpose of this policy s to show the commitment of Ajuna tours and travel limited to ensure the health and safety of its employees, contractors and visitors by removing, reducing or minimizing the risk to health and safety.

2. Objectives
The company objectives are to;
• Plan work and journeys to reduce exposure to road related risk.
• Assess the risk related to the use of vehicles on company business and implement suitable control measures.
• Strive to continual improvement in occupational road safety performance by minimizing risk to those affected by monitoring accidents and incidents on a monthly basis.
• Monitor to ensure that the company vehicles are in good mechanical conditions, and vehicle defects reported by employees are rectified promptly.
• Monitor to ensure that the staff who drive company cars are legally entitled to drive with a current valid license for the relevant class of vehicle.
• Ensure as far as is reasonably practicable that all drivers are fit to drive.
• Assess driving abilities and provide driver training for staff who fall below the required standard, or as otherwise required.
• Provide training for staff on how to carry out vehicle checks and ensure that these checks are carried out.

3. Responsibilities
a) Management –
Management is responsible for providing and maintaining;
• A safe working environment.
• Safe system of work.
• Facilities for the welfare of all workers.
• Provide any information, instructions, training and supervision needed to make sure that all workers are safe from injury and risks to their health.
• A commitment to consult and co-operate with workers in all matters relating to the health and safety.
• Ensure that all employees observe safe working practice, adhere to policies and procedures.
• A commitment to continually improve our performance through effective safety management.

b) Workers – Each worker (employees) has an obligation to;
• Adhering to company policies, advise and guidelines relating to road safety, abiding by the provisions of the rules of the road and lifesaving rules.
• Carry out vehicle checks as specified by the company.
• Reporting vehicle defects or safety concerns immediately to management and not using the vehicle until the defect is rectified.
• Showing consideration for safety of passengers and the road users, including drivers, motor cyclists, cyclists and pedestrians.
• Only carrying authorized passengers while driving the company vehicles.
• Allowing adequate time for journeys including time for breaks on long journeys.
• Take reasonable care of the health and safety of themselves and others.
• Wear personal protective equipment and clothing where necessary.
• Comply with any direction given by management for health and safety.
• No misuse or interference of anything provided for health and safety.
• Report all accidents and incidents on the job immediately, no matter how trivial it may be.
• Report all known or observed hazards to their supervisor or manager.