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Boomu Village offers an authentic African cultural experience! The village still carries authenticity of an African touch whereby there is no running water, no hydro-electricity or solar lighting. Food is got from the garden direct onto the stove (locally made) and to your plate, nothing like refrigeration; all foodstuff is so fresh. People in the village eat with their hands whereby you wash them before and after eating but tourists are given forks if that is their choice. Ugandan meals are served though if one is in need of the western food; it can also be prepared including that of the Vegetarians. Also remember to say “thanks for cooking’ that is if you are served food in this community. You need an overnight stay, to have great opportunity of participating in all activities and also leave with knowledge about how to dig, making baskets, and in fact you can support the community by buying souvenirs that are made there. To have a true African touch of culture not read in books or internet you need to visit the Boomu village for first hand African village experience.


  • Culture visit
  • Accommodation and meals
  • Park entrance
  • Game drive Boat ride
  • Top of the falls
  • Visa processing
  • International flights
  • Individual expenses
  • Any extra activity not mentioned above
  • Gratitude to individuals

Tour Plan

Day 01 Transfer to Kigaragara Village -cultural experience

Approximately 250km distance, about 4 hours journey from Kampala
Pick up from an agreed pick-up point and start on a journey towards the northwestern Uganda to kigaragara village near Murchison falls national park. Upon arrival expect an amazingly the most remarkable way to experience a true African village in Uganda. Explore to the rural life of local communities, lifestyles, traditions and daily practices, enjoy the stories told by the elders, enjoy the dances, and music performances and engage in hands-on experience during harvesting, food preparation, or cooking with the opportunity to have a taste of what you prepared, etc. Overnight stay in bandas with single, double/twin rooms or camping.

Day 02 transfer to Murchison falls- lunch cruise

Approximately 10km from Boomu Village to Murchison falls national park
Wake at leisure have Breakfast, drive for 50 minutes the top of falls, where you will enjoy the powerful Nile as it squeezes through the narrow   7-meter gorge, crushing down 42 feet below, producing thunderous splashes of water which raises up 10 meters high, it’s such a spectacle to watch the power of nature. There after head for lunch at Paraa safari loge. After lunch go out for an afternoon lunch cruise which gives you an opportunity to get up close to a number of aquatic animals and many bird species plus the beautiful scenery. You will get closer to what is known as the “Devil’s Cauldron”. This place provides an excellent angle for taking photos of the beautiful falls. Dinner and overnight at your chosen place of accommodation

Day 03 Game drive- Departure to Kampala

Have an early morning breakfast, then be transferred for a game drive through the park where you will have a chance to see several mammals like lions, buffaloes, antelopes, waterbucks, warthogs, and elephants among others. After the game drive, proceed to Kampala with lunch along the way arriving in the late afternoon to be dropped at the agreed point or be transferred to the airport in Entebbe to catch your flight.

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