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Apart from rhinos, the sanctuary is also home to a number of bird species, reptiles, and 40 mammal species including antelopes, crocodiles, hippos, monkeys among others. There is surely a lot to do and see in the sanctuary such as birding and Nature walks ,though Rhino tracking is the major activity.

From Uganda’s best National parks where you’ll see all of Africa’s big 5 mammals, to an encounter of Mountain gorillas. This 10 day’s safari starts in Murchison Falls National Park, to Kibale National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and finally Lake Mburo National Park.

This adventure takes you to northern Uganda, towards the northwest of the capital Kampala where the Murchison Falls National Park lies. The home to more than 73 animal species among which are four of the ‘Big Five’ including buffaloes, leopards, lions, and elephants is the largest park in Uganda.

Mabira is home to 219 butterfly species, 316 bird species and 97 of moths. Among the bird species are the Nahan’s Francolin and Papyrus Gonolek. 79 species of the birds in Mabira can only be found in Central Africa. The forest also has Red Tailed Monkeys, Squirrels, Bushbuck, Grey Cheeked Mangabey, Bush Babies, Leopards (very rare), and Vvarious species of snakes.