– Hotel and Home stay bookings
– Guided safaris
– Excursions and Adventures for solo Travelers, families and organised groups
– Airport pick ups and drop offs
– Airticketing
– Midrange and Luxury travel packages


Adventure Tours
Ajuna Tours & Travel Limited o­ffers any type of adrenaline-pumping adventure which is desired by customers, from mountaineering expeditions on the Rwenzori Mountains to Gorilla tracking and wild water rafting on the Nile.

Hunting Game
We organize hunting for its clients and it works on the importation license of firearms, take them to the hunting ground, and accommodate them during the adventure hunting

Relaxing Holidays
For more relaxing excursions and activities, customers can choose a beach tour on the Ssese Islands, stay at Lake Bunyonyi or visit the Tororo rock paintings of the virungas.

Special interest journeys in Uganda
We off­er theme packages and special interest tours, like golf packages, honeymoons, and tribal tours.

Tours in neighboring countries
We not only provide packages in Uganda but also in Rwanda, Kenya, and Tanzania as well. With this, we wholesaler the opportunity to simplify their contact with East Africa.

Cultural Tours
The four major kingdoms of Uganda and the well-established chiefdoms throughout the country, provide a potential market for cultural tourism.